Professor Jiao Nianzhi and his group’s research won the second class National Prize of Natural Science

Publish Date:2016-08-29Scan Num:29

Professor Jiao Nianzhi from College of Ocean and Earth Sciences is the academician of Chinese Academy of science, he and his groups research The role of Microorganisms in the ocean carbon storage and the climate change won the second class National Prize of Natural Science of 2015.

Microorganisms play an important role in the global change, professor Jiao and his group take the ocean carbon cycle as the main line, from both the macroscopic effect and the micro process to study the ecological processes and environment effect. Jiao and his group use an important function group, the Aerobic anoxyenic phototrophic bacteria (AAPB) as the breakthrough point, through the innovation method and large-scale in-situ research, he carry out the new mechanisms of Marine biological carbon storage, which become an international research focus and promote the discipline development.