State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces(Xiamen University)

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The State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces was established in the late 80’s during the China’s resurgence period through rigorous inter-ministerial debates on a scheme proposed by the State Planning Commission of the Government of China, and was funded by the Ministry of Sciences and Technology. In 1990, the laboratory was completed, and .since then has opened its door to researchers from national and international communities. Adhering to the long-standing research culture of Dare to be the first, Focus on the detail, Encourage the collaboration”, the Laboratory has demonstrated substantial achievements in the fields of research results, training in research personnel, and scientific collaboration-exchanges. In 1994,1999, 2004,2009 and 2014, the Laboratory has been reviewed and ranked by an external committee of experts organized by the National Natural Science Foundation of China in the highest category (Grade ‘A’ Laboratory) in all the occasions. In the State Key Laboratory tenth Anniversary (1994) and 20th Anniversary (2004) Summary Commendation Meeting, the Laboratory was granted title of Advanced Group, and was awarded the Golden Award.

Academician Zhao-Wu Tian, Academician Hui-Lin Wan, Academician Zhong-QunTian and Professor Zhao-XiongXie have served as directors of the laboratory. Academician Khi-Rui Tsai, Academician Qian-Er Zhang and Academician Hui-Lin Wan are the former directors of the Academic Committee. The current director is Professor Ye Wang and the academic committee director is Academician Shi-Gang Sun. At present, the Laboratory consists of 69 permanent faculty members including 56 senior researchers (among them 7 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 16 awardees of the Distinguished Young Scholar’s Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China), 9 staff technicians, and 4 management personnel.

The Laboratory is committed to meet the country's major strategic needs by carryingout leading edge research focusing on the major scientific issues related to energy systems. The mission of the Laboratory has been broadly defined to conduct basic research in chemical sciences of solid surfaces and solid/gas and solid/liquid interfaces. The research areas are centered, but not limited, on catalysis, electrochemistry, and structural and theoretical chemistry, as well as their interactions addressing relevant subjects. Within this basis, interdisciplinary and cross-border interactions are commonly and extensively practiced to carry out fundamental research (i) on structures and reaction mechanisms of solid surfaces/interfaces atmolecular and nano-structural levels, and (ii) on designs and fabrications of advanced catalysts and electrodes as well as nano-material systems. The Laboratory has made a series of important achievements in some frontier areas, has published a number of high quality papers (including 4 Science, 1 Nature, 18 Nature series, etc.), and received more than 300 domestic and international patents.


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